(WIP) The Azure Flame's Holdout

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(WIP) The Azure Flame's Holdout

Post by Littlepip on Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:18 pm

Alternative: 1)
Deep into the mountains of Storm Peaks lie the bastion of the least known Dwarven clan, Frosthold of the Frostborn. Hidden by ice and snow, it is a location known only to a few. Inside that hold lies the rumored Holdout of the Azure Flame, secluded far from both Alliance and Horde.

Alternative: 2)
Deep into the mountains of Storm Peaks lie a bastion for free folk, yet not just any free men and mere, this is the one place were mages of all kin can gather and converse and exercise any magic they so wish. From the most common Arcane mage to archmages, from Tantric magic to necromancy and fel magic.



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