[A] The Azure Flame [Guildless, Neutral, Magic]

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[A] The Azure Flame [Guildless, Neutral, Magic]

Post by Littlepip on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:54 pm

The Azure Flame is a small collective of people, primarily arcanists who have banded together to seek a life unbound from the Alliance. While not widely known, it was they that put the wheels in motion for the Black Markets return. For the time being, they have made their home to Kharanos in Dun Morogh.

The guild was formed in February 2015 through the roleplaying of the founding members (Skarain and Kain) and have existed since in some shape or form. The guild does not have any greater Out of Character goal. It existence and roleplaying is entirely based on the interaction of it members and what they chose to pursue.

Currently, Azure Flame exist as a guild-less organisation. Joining the group does thus not require joining the guild. Instead, communication do happen through the use of a custom ingame channel, a Skype group and the guilds forums. The guild still exist for those who want to gain the Guild Tag above their heads but otherwise it serve no purpose - bar maybe extra storage space in the form of the guild bank.

Joining the group is done through roleplaying. Whether you intentionally seek us out or simply stumble into our roleplaying is up to you. While public information of the group is relatively limited, it is fair to follow the rumours of 'a group of magi making their home to Kharanos' to get you started.


Moonbrook, Westfall, 19th of February of year 32 since the opening of The Dark Portal.

It had been an uneventful day in Westfall, much like the day before and the day before that. Several hours past midday, a stranger arrives at the town of Moonbrook, a female human wearing robes of purple, dark green and gold. Over her back clings a staff with a dark red crystals and on her belt a book and pouches, the marks of a Mage. The locals and the homeless of the town keep their distance as the stranger walks around, looking around until she stop by the abandoned cart next to what remains of the Inn. The stranger stands there for a while, taking an occasional sip from a hipflask. Minutes pass before the stranger moves again. With some effort, the stranger climbs on the driver's bench and stands up facing the center of the Moonbrook. Taking a deep breath she pulls out a wand, gesturing with it into the air, speaking hushed words and then points as her own throat. As she begins to speak, her voice is amplified by the power of magic to be heard across the town loud and clear.

"People of Moonbrook. May I have your attention for a moment?"

The amplified voice wakes up several sleeping hobos and scaring off several cats, causing them to dart away. With the attention of the locals caught, the stranger continue speaking.

"Before you ask, no, this is not an announcement in the name of the Alliance. Nor is this another comeback of the Defias Brotherhood. No, what I have is something different."

The stranger gestures in an arch around her.

"Look around you, look around Westfall. What you see are endless fields of yellow, once prosperous farmlands and mines. What remains now is poverty."

"The Alliance may have been good at one point. However, it has grown too large to sustain itself, It no longer acts for the good of its citizens, those in power send your children to war, set taxes to sustain their bloody campaigns, have an overly complex justice system that bends to the benefit of those who created it, not to even mention violence and unjustful treatment from the very guards that are meant to protect us."

"Trying to change the system is a hopeless battle of bureaucracy and an uprising demanding change by force will only share the Defias Brotherhoods fate."

"What I offer is a chance, that is, without lying, potentially dangerous. It is an opportunity to pack up what little you have and leave the Alliance - Leave to forge a new place for ourselves. A place where we may be free of the Alliance laws, free of discrimination, free of oppression."

The stranger lift her hand and perform a series of gestures with her fingers, a ball of blue fire spark into light above her palm. The blue flame flickers and cast a cold light upon the caster which cause some of the locals to back away.

"I can only bear the fire to sheen the light of hope through the dark, but it is for you to decide if you choose to follow."

"The Alliance may disagree with our claim, if they wish to. That is their freedom, their choice. They can however not extinguish our flame... because what we follow is an ideal... and an ideal is eternal. It will burn on forever."


"We are the Azure Flame."

The stranger falls silent and watches at the silent crowd of homeless, drifters and transients.  She performs a curtsey at the crowd and hop off from the cart, causing many of them to take another step back, wary. The stranger then begins to walk the road to the east, carrying the blue flame on her palm as she goes.

Not a single soul follows.


Soon after that day, rumors and stories of the encounter begun to circulate around Westfall, each rumor more wild and absurd than the previous, ranging from the return of the Defias Brotherhood to a coven of Necromancers that would take away children that did not return home before dark. Whatever remain the truth behind this group, blue flames could be seen to flicker in the night from the windows of the abandoned mage tower by south-eastern corner of Westfall.
Westfall, 3th of March of year 32 since the opening of The Dark Portal.

The blue lights in the windows of Mortwake's Tower in the south-eastern corner of Westfall have died out.

Weeks ago, since the appearance and the speech of the stranger with the blue flame in Moonbrook, the flames have burned in the windows of the tower each night. For several weeks time, strange folk have come and gone to the tower, and suddenly... it is all quiet. At first the locals dare not to investigate the tower. It could be the den of a sleeping beast of what all they know. Yet in a few days, curiosity takes hold and a group of Moonbrook citizen travel to the tower to find out the truth. When they return, they say the following:

"There is nobody in there! The tower lay abandoned!"

Indeed, a brave soul visiting the tower will find no trace of magic nor mark of anyone living in there. Yet directly facing the entrance lay a painted message covering a large portion of the wall that is enough to wash away any doubt of the group existence.

Dun Morogh lay carved into the stone admist the painting for those who spend the time to search it out for clues.
Dun Morogh, 7th of April of year 32 since the opening of The Dark Portal.

Among the mountain peaks of Dun Morogh lay the town of Kharanos. A peaceful little town, if one doesn't mind the occasional trouble from the Frost Troll, Trogs and Yeti. Nothing that the local Mountaineers couldn't handle though.

Although not leaving as noticeable mark as to Westfall, the locals of Kharanos had seen a group of strangers moving in and out their little town, bearing the symbol of a blue flame on their chest. Kept by their own, caused no harm and paid for their stay - what would there to be to question? They however have not be seen around for a while. The Innkeeper of Kharanos can tell more to the curious:

"That lot? Aye, know of them. Said they left to Draenor. Most of them did never return."

A Rangari Scout was hiding in a bush, keeping an eye on the strange group of people that had appear unexpected to the valley.

They stood in a circle, those gathered, surrounded by circles upon circles set to the stone that pave the ground. Towering pillars of stone stood in the background, carved of rough stone. Some of them were leaning, burdened down by the passage of time. Numerous symbols, ancient runes were carved to their surface, yet they were dormant, as silent as the group who stood by the center of the ancient ritual circle made of stone, cloaked in mists and the shroud of the night that surrounded this area of ancient magic.

Most of those gathering wore robes, staves flung over to their back. Several wore armor instead of robes, but carried a number of pouches and a tome by their belt. Another few carried no visible traits of a spellcaster, but stood in the circle nontheless. They were very different from eachother, but united by one common thing.

They were all holding a ball of blue flame upon their palm.

The Rangari waited until the early hours of the morning before returning to Elodor to report to their superiors.
Dun Morogh, 3rd of May of year 32 since the opening of The Dark Portal.

Deep within the region of Khaz'modan, among the snowy mountain peaks of Dun Morogh lays a valley separated from the troubles of the world. Unchanged since the sundering, Coldridge Valley remains a peaceful place except the occasional trouble from Trolls and Trogs that the local Mountaineers handle as a routine. Yet everything changes when a stranger bearing the mark of a blue flame walks the steps leading into the town of Anvilmar. Soon, rumours are spread amongst the underworld. Word of a market, free from the overbearing gaze of the Alliance spreads under hushed voices; a haven for outcasts and the unwanted.

See The Anvilfrost Market (Public RP Event) for more details.
Dun Morogh, 6th of September of year 32 since the opening of The Dark Portal.

The group of magi sometime seen present to Kharanos have disappeared, though not without leaving a mark. A sturdy door with no handle or lock, it surface covered in Arcane symbols and glowing runes stand in the lower quarters of the Inn, blocking entrance to one of the rooms. A golden knocker is attached to the door, but so far nobody have gone to 'knock'.
What can I expect in Azure Flame?
Not overwhelming activity, as a start. We are a very small group of people who simply enjoy roleplaying together. By the time of this forum post, we are 3-4 active players in total. We are all experienced roleplayers though who do roleplay regularly and can provide meaningful interaction once you get known to us.

Secondly, the group organize next to none Events. Our focus is the interaction between our characters and our interaction with other roleplayers. Some events may appear now and then when the members of the group have the time and resources to create them. Just do not count on them.

As mentioned before, the group does not require one joining the actual guild. They are free to be part of another guild AND part of The Azure Flame if they wish to.

In both cases, we will make sure that you are aware of all public roleplaying happening on the server, so there is no worry of being devoid of roleplay, providing that you have the courage to interact with new people and people from other guilds.

Do my character need to be a Mage/Warlock to join?
No. It is true that the group have a rather heavy magical theme but it is no requirement to be one to join.

Do you have any kind of Uniform?
We do have a set of robes produced by Tailoring for those who wish to bear our colours. It is however not a requirement.

Same deal with the Tabard.

What level characters can join?
There is no level requirement.

Do you do any PvP or PvE?
Most of us do minor forms of PvP to stay in shape to defend ourselves out in the world. We play on a RP-PvP server after all. Otherwise, it is up for each player what they dedicate their time into.

Do you have a website?
Yes, but it is hardly in use and largely a work-in-progress.

Besides, what does a small group as us need forums for?

Do you accept new roleplayers?
Core Values:
1.) Independence - The Flame intend to have no part in the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. It is not their fight. Likewise, the Flame will make sure that they are not dependent on the aid of anyone, else their independence and ability to chose their own path will be compromised.

2.) Magic - is an important part of the society for the Azure Flame. Being few in numbers, they lack an army of soldiers to defend themselves from the threats of the world. Magical might equals power. The Flame will do whatever they need to grow in strength to be prepared to fight for the matters that they deem important.

3.) Nahrune'enor - is a take from the archaic human tongue, rooted to the Vrykul language, translated to common as "to be ourselves, free". The Flame will not allow anything to compromise their freedom. Discrimination upon another for what they are is heavily frowned upon. Almost anyone is welcome among the group, no matter their past or profession, providing that they will not bring harm upon the Flame.
Guild Rules:
"Code of Coldflame" - In Character Rules
(Also known as the Code of Common Sense)

-Do not Harm the Flame and it members.

-Do not Steal from the Flame and it members.

-Do not Betray the secrets of the Flame.

"Terms of Service" - Out of Character Rules
Before joining the group, we hope you to agree that your character is open to be harmed, open for permanent death and you will accept the consequences for your character actions even after leaving the group IC. We are not friends with everyone and that is potential to put your character in a risk. An immersive environment requires that the players accepts whatever comes, providing that it makes sense from an In Character standpoint.

Otherwise, we wish you to agree to the following:
1.) Your character is not "untouchable" or "overpowered". When it come to conflict, it won't be enjoyable for the other player if you can dodge every attack or are an unbeatable overlord able to defeat anything. Keep it interesting for both sides, have strengths and weaknesses alike.
2.) You will refrain from meta-gaming. Meta-gaming is when you use information acquired outside of Roleplaying in your roleplaying. OOC info in IC in others words.
2.5.) If you think you have been meta-gamed against at, we want you to look into the situation calmly. Do not raise a big noise, but ask politely OOC where they have got the information from. Pause RP if necessary. If they lack a valid source, you do not need to acknowledge their claim and may leave the situation through OOC means as nothing would have happen. Contact a Guild Officers if necessary.
3.) Always leave the outcome open when you write an emotes that concern another player. Let them decide whether they are affected by it or not.
4.) You will not corpse-camp other players in WPvP. Corpse-camping is killing the same player repeatedly without giving them an opportunity to heal or run.
5.) Any ERP that you may do will be kept in private channels and out of sight.
6.) You will not disturb or grief other people roleplay.
7.) You will be friendly and respectful towards others within the group..
8.) You acknowledge that your words and actions represent the group when wearing our Guild Tag, whether it is ingame or on the forums and you will not bring us into shame.
9.) You will abide to the WoW Terms of Service, follow the Game Rules, RP-PvP realm rules and use no cheats, hacks or anything deemed bannable by Blizzard.

For more information, contact: Skarain, Feirand, Littlepip, Templeman or leave a response in the thread.


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