Application: Skarain (Example Application)

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Application: Skarain (Example Application)

Post by Skarain on Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:57 pm

Character name: Skarain
Character class: Mage
Character level: 100
Character race: Worgen

Who is your character?
Skarain Feirand, 36 years is a Worgen sorceress from Gilneas. During her early days, before the Civil War of Gilneas, she was simply known as thief by name of "Feirand". Following the Cataclysm, she relocated to Stormwind, learned the Warlock craft and joined a mercenary band. Through her dealings with a group of Death Knights, she became the apprentice of a necromancer in exchange of abandoning her previous craft.

Under what kind of reputation is your character known as?
Skarain is a known former mercenary and the apprentice of the Draenei Necromancer Drustai. Drustai of current is Wanted for Dead for escaping an Alliance prison several years back. This warrant does not however extend to her former apprentice.

Present day, Skarain is a powerful spellcaster - admit a very elusive one. Living in the criminal underworld, she appear occasionally to the surface world with seemingly unpredictable pattern, much to the headache of every possible investigator on her trail.

Your RL age:

What experience do you have in roleplaying?
Let's see. I have been roleplaying since 7/2011, so 4 years now on Defias Brotherhood. During that time, I've officer three guilds , led four, been in a dozen, organized countless events, several gatherings, many meetings and a handful of campaigns.

Why do you wish to join us?
I wish to be part in the creation of a faction of magi shrouded by mystery. Independent and separate from the Kirin Tor.


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